Understanding Climate Change and Global Warming (Laminated Poster)


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This informative poster is divided into sections that discuss the following topics: What Does Global Warming and Climate Change Mean? Can Climate Change Occur Naturally? What is the Greenhouse Effect? Which Greenhouse Gases are in Our Atmosphere? When Did the Concept Greenhouse Gases Become a Concern? Has Climate Change Affected Our Health? How Does Climate Change Affect Different Regions? So What Happens to Global Species? Are there Overlooked Causes for Climate Change? Has the Climate Ever Been Different From What It Is Now? and Ways to Help Save the Planet Right Now! The poster comes with a three page guide with questions and answers for teachers or the interested layperson. Perfect for engaging students in disscussions of this important topic. Recommended for ages 11 to adult.

Poster measurements: 38" W x 26" H

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Understanding Climate Change and Global Warming (Laminated Poster)
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