Watershed Tour® Water Quality Test Kit


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An easy-to-use classroom-based curriculum consisting of equipment, activities, and discussions centered around watershed issues. This LaMotte kit focuses on watershed mapping, location description, habitat identification, water chemistry, biology (including food chain relationships), data analysis, and formulation of conclusions. The chemical tests provided include dissolved oxygen, pH, chloride, and nitrate using non-hazardous tab reagents. Students study four sites along a virtual river—from headwaters to mouth—learning how humans affect water quality. Recommended for grades 4 through 8. The kit contains enough materials for 30 students.

LaMotte #5419

For use with freshwater (pond, lake, stream, river, etc.) samples only.

To view the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for this LaMotte kit, please click on the component links below:

For Buffer Tablets, please click here.

For Chloride Spectrophotometric Grade Tablets, please click here.

For Dissolved Oxygen Tablets, please click here.

For Nitrate Tablets, please click here.

For NutriTab Tablets, please click here.

For pH Wide Range Tablets, please click here.

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Watershed Tour® Water Quality Test Kit
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