Wild Nights Out: The Magic of Exploring the Outdoors After Dark


Wild Nights Out

Nature has so much to offer at night, so let Wild Nights Out be your guide to the dark! This wonderful hands-on guide is perfect for those who wish to take kids (of all ages) outdoors for thrilling nighttime nature adventures. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and nature educators will discover 25 unique, fun, and informative activities to explore the natural world from dusk till dawn: games, walks and exercises, and legends and lore to share around the campfire. The guide also include practical information on how to conduct night walks safely. Wild Nights Out is certain boost the resilience and self-confidence of children and adults, and instill a lifelong love of having fun in the outdoors when the sun goes down.


ISBN 9781603589932 • Author: Chris Salisbury • Format: Paperback

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Wild Nights Out: The Magic of Exploring the Outdoors After Dark
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