Wildlife Discovery® Kit: Beaver


Wildlife Discovery® Kit: Beaver

Acorn Naturalists’ Wildlife Discovery® series features hands-on resources that present close-up views of North American animals. Designed for grades 2 to 6, this module provides engaging, thought-provoking investigations that focus on animal adaptations and behaviors - key components for life science as identified in the Next Generation Science Standards. This kit contains a beaver puppet, track, claw, and mandible replicas, Wetlands sticker book, Life Cycle of a Beaver children's book, beaver model, blackline masters, and an educator's activity guide.


Introduction (from the activity booklet that comes with this kit):

Beavers are remarkable animals known for their equally remarkable feats. They turn trees into food and streams into ponds. The trees they fell become lodges for housing and dams for protection from predators. Aside from people, beavers are one of only a few animals that actively modify their environment to meet their needs. Beavers are remarkable in other ways as well. They are the second largest living rodent in the world, weighing as much as 80 pounds and reaching a height of 24 inches at the shoulder. While clumsy on land, they are very comfortable in the water. Their dense, water-repellent fur traps an insulating layer of air and keeps them warm underwater. Their fur is also the primary reason for their decline in population in the late 1800s. Hunted and trapped, both the North American and Eurasian beaver were nearly eliminated throughout their ranges. Beyond the sheer loss of beaver was the effect on the ecosystem. Beaver ponds provide habitat for many wetland species, reduce erosion, and control flooding downstream. Current efforts focus on reintroducing both species into former ranges and regulating trapping. Kit contents : beaver puppet; book about beavers; track, claw, and mandible replicas; Wetlands sticker book; beaver model; blackline masters; and a beaver activity guide.

Overview of Acorn Naturalists Wildlife Discovery Kits®:

WILDLIFE DISCOVERY KITS®. Acorn Naturalists’ Wildlife Discovery Kits feature hands-on resources that present close-up views of North American animals. Designed for grades 1 through 5 (ages 6-10), each module provides engaging, thought-provoking investigations that focus on each animal’s adaptations and behaviors—key components for life science as identified in the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Wildlife Discovery® Kit: Beaver
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