Animal Track Scarf: Yellow (Acorn Naturalists' Identification Bandana)


Yellow Track Scarf (Acorn Naturalists' Identification Bandana)

This creative visual aid to tracking is excellent either as a wearable field guide or a learning center wall hanging. The 21" bandana features 14 labeled animal tracks at ⅔ life size (bear is ½ life size). The scarf includes representatives of the major taxonomic families of North American mammals: Black Bear (Ursidae), Bison (Bovidae), Mountain Lion (Felidae), Deer (Cervidae), Wolf (Canidae), Pronghorn (Antilocapridae), Snowshoe Hare (Leporidae), Raccoon (Procyonidae), River Otter and Skunk (Mustelidae), and Shrew (Soricidae), plus the Rodentia Order, represented by Beaver (Castoridae), Mouse (Cricetidae), and Tree Squirrel (Sciuridae).


Dimensions: 21" square

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Animal Track Scarf: Yellow (Acorn Naturalists' Identification Bandana)
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