Mammal Replica Packs

Acorn Naturalists unique skull replica packs explore animal diversity, comparative anatomy, and the study of anatomical differences between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores as it relates to form and function. Acorn Naturalists has created ten North American mammal replica packs including black bear, beaver, bobcat, cougar, coyote, deer, red fox, opossum, raccoon, and gray squirrel. Each teaching module includes a skull replica, flexible track replica, flexible track mold (for making casts), a ScatCast® scat replica, the Trace-A- Skull template, articulating Animal Skull Model®, Nature Circles® Track/Scat Identification Card Set, Nature Circles® Skull Identification Card Set, DuraGuide to Animal Skulls and Bones, DuraGuide to Animal Tracking techniques and the Pocket Naturalist Guide to Animal Tracks. These activity packs can be used to supplement interpretive programs, classroom lessons, nature center displays, after school and camp programs, and home study lessons. These unique modules provide for creative hands-on, inquiry-oriented explorations for ages 11-adult.

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