Nature Journaling Discovery Kit®


Nature Journaling Discovery Kit®

A complete class kit for starting students on a writing journey that could last a lifetime! This boxed set includes 25 copies of Journeys through Journaling (Field Edition), two Basic Drawing Kits, and one copy of Keeping a Nature Journal. The kit also provides a guide with suggestions for integrating journals into the curriculum. This engaging, one-of-a-kind kit can easily be expanded to any class size by purchasing additional journals (see Related Products, below). Recommended for ages 8 to adult.


Introduction (from the activity booklet that comes with this kit):

A nature journal deepens perceptions of the outdoors. It encourages students to make a record of what is observed by writing it down or drawing it, or both. It differs from a science notebook, a diary, or a response journal. While a science notebook records questions, thoughts, and data derived from laboratory investigations, a nature journal records questions, thoughts, and data from the field. While a diary focuses on the person, a nature journal focuses on the environment. And while both a response journal and a nature journal stimulate reflection, a response journal examines the content of a lesson or a passage from a book, while a nature journal captures the immediate experiences and observations noted outdoors. A nature journal forges the connection between the author and the pulses of life he or she witnesses in nature. Kit Contents: This class kit contains 25 copies of the field edition of Journeys through Journaling, two Basic Drawing Kits, and the book, Keeping a Nature Journal. While journaling can work in the classroom, it works better in the field, for it is the experiences and discoveries outdoors that stimulate careful observation and allow the pages to come alive. Whether you have a schoolyard or several acres of meadow, the important part is taking learning outdoors. Equip your students with pencils, pens, art supplies, and journals, lead them outdoors, and let their journeys begin.

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Nature Journaling Discovery Kit®
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