Students are Watching (The): Schools and the Moral Contract

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The Students are Watching: Schools and the Moral Contract

Students learn not just from their classes but from their school’s routines and rituals. The power of a good school to grow creative individuals is enormous. The power of a poor school to ruin students is equally large. In order to have the more desired positive effect, schools must constantly demonstrate a belief in their students. When kids are housed in overcrowded and dilapidated facilities staffed by overworked and sometimes under-trained teachers, is it any wonder that they develop low self-esteem? Worse yet, they often develop an attitude that translates “who would go to college and then work in a dump like this?” which further erodes teacher credibility. This revolutionary new book offers both harsh criticism and clear insight into how schools can move toward giving students and teachers a feeling of value.


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The Students Are Watching
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The Students Are Watching
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Students are Watching (The): Schools and the Moral Contract
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