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This section features a wide array of activity kits, field equipment and specialty resources for exploring terrestrial environments from forests and meadows to mountains, prairies, deserts, and urban environments.

  Exploring Forest Ecosystems
Includes forest activity guides, DVDs, creative games, useful references and engaging children's stories. Also includes resources for studying temperate rainforests, old growth forests, redwood forests, eastern deciduous forests and the elfin forests of chaparral ecosystems. A number of creative dendrology kits are also offered along with hands-on pine needle basket making kits, papermaking kits and papermaking supplies. Plant, leaf, stem, root identification kits are also available along with tree rounds (tree cookies) and kits for learning about tree rings.
  Oak Woodland Discoveries
Oak woodland communities occur throughout the world, providing shelter and food for a diverse array of life. Resources for identifying, and cultivating oaks along with wonderful children's books on oaks are found in this section.
  Urban Ecosystems - Nature Outside Your Door
Since most individuals live in urban environments, it is essential to provide learning experiences right at home. In this section you will find hands-on activity guides and creative kits designed to help children discover the diversity of life found just outside their doorstep.
  Exploring Mountain and Tundra Life
Within this section are activity books, DVDs, and references for teaching about the plants and animals found in mountainous regions.
  Prairies - Ecology and Restoration
This section features activity books and references about North American prairie lands. Also discussed are current efforts to preserve, and expand tallgrass and other prairie landscapes.
  Desert & Chaparral Environments
This section features activity guides, creative games, informative DVDs and field references that focus on the life and lore of desert environments. Included are resources that describe the plants and animals that live in desert regions.
  Tropical Rainforest Diversity
Deservedly, tropical rainforests have been the subject of increased interest and environmental concern. In this section, you will find a wide array of activity guides, DVDs, games and references teaching about one of the most diverse environments on Earth.
  Create-A-Scene® Ecosystem Dioramas
These habitat diorama kits feature a generous selection of natural materials that provide a realistic setting for each habitat scene. Each kit includes six or more hand-painted animal replicas found in the designated ecosystem, along with a mix of unique mix of habitat-appropriate rocks, leaves, branches and substrate. Includes an original line-drawing of a background (to be colored in) plus three extra blank cards for creating more scenes along with "animal clue" items (such as a squirrel-chewed pine cone in the evergreen forest diorama) to add interest and intrigue. Students can also creatively supplement these hands-on habitat displays with locally collected resources. Each diorama is packaged in a 11" wide x 9" deep x 6" tall wooden slide-top box which when turned on its side, creates a "theater" for the scene. Includes instructions and suggestions for supplemental activities. Twelve different habitats to choose from - each diorama contains different blends of the resources listed above along with the specific animals listed below. Hands-on fun for children ages 7-12.
  Optical Supplies for Field Studies
In this section you will find a comprehensive selection of magnifiers, hand lenses, bug boxes, binoculars, microscopes and related observation tools.
  Observation Containers for Field Studies
Included here are containers for classroom and field observation of invertebrates, aquatic organisms and other creatures as well as a wide variety of resources for making museum-quality science and nature displays.
  Discovering Nature in Winter
Winter is often thought of as a time to stay indoors. The activity books in this section encourage you to go out and have a look at the natural history of cold winter environments. Similar to what happens on a "night hike," close observation reveals a whole new world.
  Exploring Nature in the Fall
Fall is a time of change, often marked by spectacular displays of color. It is also a time when plants and animals prepare for winter. This section contains activity guides, kits, and references that discuss the changes that students see every fall.
  Enhancing Wildlife Habitats
In both urban and rural environments, opportunities abound for providing food, water and shelter for wildlife through careful selection of plants, water features, nesting areas and shelter. Even small areas in the heart of urban environmenets can become refuges for a wide variety of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. This section contains guides and references that teach the most effective ways to enhance wildlife habitats. For a complete selection of homes for wildlife, click here.

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